10 Times Simon Cowell Was Surprisingly Sweet To Reality TV Contestants

Simon Cowell has some scathing burns, but does he also have a heart of gold? These are some moments from reality TV where he was actually sweet.

Simon Cowell may be the most intimidating person any aspiring artist would want to face on a stage. Not only is the music producer curt and often bitter with his reviews, but he can also see through someone’s failings since he has been in the industry for decades. His expertise and savage one-liners make him really intimidating as a judge, but this also made Cowell the most engaging judge on American reality shows like American Idol.
But there have been moments when Cowell let his kind, nurturing or funny side shine through. He is, at his core, a star-maker, so he consistently wants to show young performers how they can improve themselves and audition better. Not to mention he’s a hit with the audience and his moments of kindness, though but a handful, have left an impact.

10- When He Expressed His Admiration For The Hard-Working Shan - The X-Factor

In season 15 of The X-Factor, Cowell shared a rare glimpse into his profession and why he does what he does, as he judged Shan Ako’s performance. “Honestly, when I’m asked how can I do these shows year after year, it’s for moments like this,” he revealed to the surprise of many. His fans know that it’s unusual for Cowell to be so heartfelt and candid in his comments.

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There have been many shows like Cowell’s The X-Factor, but this series specifically managed to hold up an authentic look into an artist’s relationship with their craft, irrespective of their popularity. Shan’s vocals impressed every judge, but Cowell’s comments put into perspective just how impactful a platform like this can be for both contestants and judges.

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09- When He Stood Against The Judges To Appreciate An Unconventional Act - Britain's Got Talent

In season 12 of Britain’s Got Talent, a woman named Sara performed some medieval-inspired tricks with her dog, Hero. And though the act was quirky and fresh, judges like Howie Mandel and Mel B weren’t all that impressed since they wanted to see more tricks and some level of expertise on Sara’s part.

“I don’t think they understand what you did … I have never seen a dog have a sword fight with its owner before. I felt like Hero was almost singing along with the music!” he exclaimed. Moreover, he went up to the teary-eyed Sara and Hero to vote yes and hugged both of them in an incredible gesture.

08- When He Helped An 11-Year-Old To Audition Better - America's Got Talent

Simon Cowell’s one-liners are as savage as they are impactful, but there are moments when he makes an effort to bring out someone’s real talent. During an episode of America’s Got Talent, Cowell felt the 11-year-old contestant named Ainsley needed a better backing track to be able to perform better.
“We really like you, but I don’t think we can judge you on that … if you’re going to sing Aretha, you need a better track,” he remarked. Ainsley was visibly shaken since Cowell had stopped her performance midway, so he walked towards the contestant and offered her his water. “I haven’t had any of it, it’s magic water!” he joked. This certainly cheered Ainsley up and she went on to perform the number on as an a cappella track.

07- When He Gave A Second Chance To A Cocky Contestant - America's Got Talent

When a contestant named Lamont Landers was asked to come back with a different song, he wasn’t too happy. Cowell could feel that he was hurt, so he was honest with Landers and conveyed why he was asking this of him.
“At the moment we’re not understanding each other. But I actually like your voice, so I think you should come back later this afternoon with a different song,” he told Lamont. And though it may seem like a brusque move, Cowell’s decision helped Lamont get through to the next round.

06- When He Broke The Rules So A Contestant Could Have A Better Shot - Britain's Got Talent

Music reality shows can be quite brutal and Cowell really did try his best to secure a fair spot for each contestant, often by suggesting some big changes. On AGT season 13, he asked a contestant named Daniel Emmett to sing a song better suited to his pitch.
Cowell broke down the issue to the contestant, consulted with the producer, and basically made room for Emmett to come back and sing another song in the same language, which not only got him a standing ovation but he even made it as a finalist.

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05- When He Thanked A Contestant For Their Personal Performance - The X-Factor UK

Cowell often helps contestants bring out a more personal, authentic side of them in auditions. When a contestant named Christain performed a mediocre number, Cowell requested him to play an original song. Christian’s emotional song brought tears to the judges’ eyes as he revealed he had written the song for his late brother, who passed away when Christian was very young.
Cowell appreciated the tremendous effort it took on his part to belt out something so personal on a moment’s notice. “I don’t know how you did that but I think it was important because it told me who you’re as an artist and as a person,” he shared with Christian.

04- When He Hugged A Contestant And Called Her An 'Old Friend' - The X-Factor UK

It’s rare for contestants to connect on a deep level with the rather stand-offish Cowell, but Panda Ross was an exception. She had auditioned for Cowell three times in the States and though he didn’t remember her, but her playful demeanor jogged his memory and the two shared a warm hug. Cowell even referred to her as an “old friend” and they shared some jolly banter.

At the end of her performance, Cowell referred to her song as “magic.” “We go back a few years and I’ve always wanted you to have this moment,” he said during the rare and candid interaction.

03- When Cowell And Nicole Scherzinger Cheered On An Insecure Teen Performer - The X-Factor: The Band

A 17-year-old Kellie Marie poured her heart out when she revealed to the judges how her music makes her feel less insecure. After her performance, both Cowell and fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger broke down how talented she is and also identified her qualities as an artist.
While Scherzinger shared that she had great potential as a songwriter, especially in an ensemble outfit, Cowell told her why her aura works for live performances. “You’re very quirky, I think people will relate to you. You’re very charming, I like you!” he told the young performer.

02- When He Jokingly Set His Toddler Son With A 4-Year-Old Contestant - America's Got Talent

Cowell certainly knows how to win the hearts of tiny tots and during AGT season 13, as a four-year-old Sophie Fatu took the stage, he revealed jokingly that his young son Eric had a crush on her. As Sophie stunned everyone in the audience with her performance, Cowell too was visibly blown away and expressed his awe.

“Was that really you singing? Because that shouldn’t happen, you’re not even supposed to remember the words, let alone sing like that with the key change and everything!” he exclaimed as the audience applauded.

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01- When He Got Candid To Cheer Up A Crying Contestant - The X-Factor UK

When youth worker Monica Michaels sang a song that she had written for her 16-year-old sister, she got teary-eyed during the performance, especially as her sister was watching from backstage. As intimidating as he is to contestants, it’s clear that Cowell realizes the significance of platforms such as these because he got real about why reality shows like BGT happen at all.
“Monica, you are why we make shows like these, to find people like you, to give them a break. I think we scratched the surface with you, so I’m really happy you’re here,” Cowell revealed in an emotional reaction that moved fellow judge Cheryl Cole to tears.

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