Simon Cowell lost over 60 pounds on a plant-based diet, after a health scare

Simon cowell Ⓒ AGT/NBC

After a health scare, Simon Cowell lost over 60 pounds on a plant-based diet. Simon Cowell’s doctor claimed following a health scare, “You have the worst diet [of] any patient I’ve ever met.” That’s when America’s Got Talent’s famously severe judge resolved to overhaul his eating habits.

How the story began!

In 2017, Cowell was hospitalized after tumbling down the stairs owing to low blood pressure and hitting his head, resulting in a concussion. Following the incident, Cowell’s doctor conducted tests and discovered that he had low scores. Cowell isn’t a fan of failing grades, so he took his doctor’s advice to cut out “red meat, dairy, sugar, bread, and gluten” from his diet. Cowell revealed in an interview with The Sun that he used to feast on “sausage rolls, hamburgers, and jam tarts,” all made by his personal chef, before switching to a plant-based diet.

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This girl is a warrior, as we all know. She had cancer in her spine, lungs, and liver at the time of her audition, with a 2% chance of survival. “I have a two percent chance of survival but two percent is not zero percent” Nightbirde said. However, one standout performer is heading directly to the live performances.

Simon Cowell's new diet

Simon cowell & Ellen Ⓒ The Ellen Show

Cowell acted quickly after the doctor’s visit: “Within 24 hours, I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better.”

Cowell disclosed his new diet on The Ellen Show last year, saying, “Everything I loved, I can’t now eat: no dairy, no gluten, no red meat…”, to which Ellen responded, “That’s terrific you’re doing all those things.” It must be difficult since Cowell stated: “It’s not as difficult as you may believe. Because Eric is five right now, and I wouldn’t be able to catch up if I didn’t take care of myself physically. He is full of energy from the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep.” During this touching moment, Cowell expressed his joy. He realized he feared celebrating his 60th birthday, but he was in better shape than he had been in years.

Eric is now six years old, and despite his best efforts to get Cowell to order pizza during the pandemic lockdown, the producer and on-air judge sticks to his healthy routine. These temptations no longer bother him, as he told Extra that he’s shed 60 pounds while being in quarantine and exercising and eating a plant-based diet. “My memory’s better, my energy’s better,” Cowell added at an ITV Palooza event.

Simon cowell & Eric ⒸAGT/NBC

How the new diet help Simon Cowell to deal with the pressure and competition?

When asked about the pressure and competition from other manufacturers, he adds: “The diet and Eric taught me this is always supposed to be fun… We all want to win and it’s supposed to be fun.”

If you want to follow in Cowell’s footsteps and get healthier, he gave some advice with Extra: “Most importantly, occupy your mind. You have to stick to a routine. Fortunately, with things like with Zoom, you stay in touch with the world, keep motivated, come up with ideas… I never get this time, normally.”

While Cowell had no trouble sticking to his new eating and exercise plan while in quarantine, he admitted that he was concerned about his son Eric’s reaction to the stay-at-home orders. , “He has been absolutely amazing.” Cowell is taking refuge with Eric and Lauren Silverman. They enjoy preparing healthy meals together during the week and camping out in the garden on weekends.

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In addition, Cowell said that he’ll be launching a cookbook called “It’s Not That Difficult,” which is based on his weight-loss achievement. He told The Sun in January 2020, “It’s something I have been thinking about because everyone’s so interested,” “I think I would call it, It’s Not That Difficult…I’d give people some of the recipes I have been following.”

We’re excited to see the recipes Cowell has integrated into his regimen, even if the book isn’t out yet. We have high expectations because Cowell stated that he felt compelled to share it. “What you eat has to taste nice — otherwise you won’t stick to it.”

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