Simon Cowell responds to the ‘heart breaking’ passing of America’s Got Talent contestant Nightbirde after cancer battle

Nightbirde - Simon Cowell / AGT /NBC

Less than a year after being moved by Nightbirde’s original song, Simon Cowell honored the beloved singer after her passing.

Nightbirde (born Jane Marczewski) auditioned in the 16th season of America’s Got Talent last June, performing her own original song It’s OK, which moved Cowell so much that he gave her his Golden Buzzer.

Unfortunately, Nightbirde announced in August that she had to withdraw from the competition because her battle with cancer was worsening, before passing away on February 19 at just 31 years of age.

Nightbirde / AGT / NBC
Simon Cowell gives his Golden Buzzer to the inspirational singer Nightbirde

Simon Cowell and Nightbirde On America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell slaps the Golden Buzzer for the magnificent and inspirational singer Nightbirde, who disclosed she had cancer and just a slim chance of survival. Nightbirde Nightbirde performed ‘It’s Okay,’ a song she penned about her year-long battle with cancer. She showed that the sickness was still …

‘Heart breaking news to hear about @_nightbirde, she was an extraordinary person, so brave, so talented,’ Cowell began.

‘She made a huge impact on AGT and the world. Her determination to fight this terrible illness was remarkable,’ he added.

‘Rest in peace, Jane. I am sending my love to her family. Simon,’ the AGT judge concluded.

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 “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” – Nightbirde

After her Golden Buzzer episode of AGT aired on NBC, her original song It’s OK became the #1 song on iTunes and was the #2 song on YouTube.

The singer took to her Instagram on August 2 to announce she had to withdraw from the show since her health took a ‘turn for the worse.’

‘I am so sad to announce that I won’t be able to continue forward on this season of AGT. Life doesn’t always give breaks to those that deserve it—but we knew that already,’ she said on Instagram.

‘AGT’ contestant Nightbirde withdraws from the competition after cancer ‘takes turn for the worse’

Simon Cowell and Nightbirde Nightbirde, an Ohio singer who won a Golden Buzzer on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” for an emotive song about being greater than her disease, has resigned from the show to focus on her health. Jane Marczewski, who went by the stage name Nightbirde, announced on Instagram on Monday that her “health …

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‘Thank you for all your support, it means the world to me. Stay with me, I’ll be better soon. I’m planning my future, not my legacy. Pretty beat up, but I’ve still got dreams,’ she concluded.

The singer remained rather active on Instagram throughout her cancer battle, with her last post on January 11 that featured a photo and a heartfelt message.

‘Honestly, things have been pretty brutal. But this is a photo of myself from last week where I felt pretty, and alive, and awake, and human, and real. I needed that. We’re all a little lost and it’s alright,’ she said.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘America’s Got Talent’s Nightbirde.

This girl is a warrior, as we all know. She had cancer in her spine, lungs, and liver at the time of her audition, with a 2% chance of survival. “I have a two percent chance of survival but two percent is not zero percent” Nightbirde said. However, one standout performer is heading directly to the live performances.

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